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Estate Planning

Estate planning services refer to the process of managing and distributing one’s assets and properties after their death, in a way that ensures the smooth transfer of wealth to the intended beneficiaries while minimizing taxes and other expenses. Estate planning services may include drafting legal documents such as wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, as well as providing guidance and advice on strategies for asset protection and wealth transfer. These services may be provided by lawyers, financial advisors, or other professionals with expertise in estate planning. Effective estate planning can help individuals achieve their long-term financial goals and provide peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones.

Non-traditional, or blended families, are becoming more common in Minnesota and nationwide. Uniting two separate families into one and possibly introducing new children makes comprehensive planning with a professional estate attorney essential.
If you have a blended family, own property in multiple states, or want to avoid probate, these are 3 signs you definitely need a Revocable Living Trust rather than just a will.
Once you have a child, you’ve got a bundle of joy—and a lifelong commitment to caring for the child, sometimes even after they reach adulthood. What would happen if something happened to you and your partner? To be sure your child or children are taken care of, it's essential to create a comprehensive plan that ensures your children will be cared for according to your wishes.
Minnesota imposes a tax on the estates of individuals who are residents of the state when they die or who own tangible property in Minnesota. The tax filing threshold is $3,000,000, which is much lower than the federal estate tax. Using strategies like revocable living trusts and lifetime gifts helps to strategically reduce estate size to limit or avoid estate taxes.
Familiarize yourself with various wills - simple, testamentary trust, holographic, joint, living, pour-over, nuncupative and deathbed wills in this comprehensive overview. Our team will help you to choose a will type that aligns with your estate size, family dynamics and specific wishes.
Learn when it's wise to leave your kids equal shares when drawing up a will, and what risks can come with an unequal distribution. This Investopedia article provides guidance.
For most families, the estate planning process is more involved than simply naming beneficiaries. While the primary goal of estate planning is transferring assets in an orderly and tax-efficient manner, it’s just as important to focus on preserving wealth across generations.
Discover how a Transfer on Death Deed (TODD) can help avoid probate without a revocable trust when transferring ownership of a house after death.
It’s easy to overlook an important task after a spouse or other loved one passes away – like retitling assets. It’s a little thing with big ramifications. Follow this checklist to help make a challenging time less confusing.
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Some people don’t think you need an attorney if you want to set up a revocable trust, but the truth is, your trust is one of the most important documents you’ll ever create. Having your revocable trust set up with the assistance of an experienced attorney ensures that it will protect your assets and that your wishes will be honored. Book a call today to get started!

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