One year ago today I was fresh from my honeymoon (my wife and I were married in October of 2013) and was anxiously starting the first day of my new law practice. A couple hundred meetings, ninety lattes, 7,500 miles on my car, 850 Twitter posts, countless presentations and lunches, and somehow it’s already been a year. I’ve been looking back over the past twelve months and I just can’t believe the incredible people I have met. Clients, financial professionals, attorneys, and dedicated networkers make up my workday, and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for each and every one of you. I am excited to re-connect with all of you this year, and together we will all have an amazing 2015. And of course, thank you to my wife Mary and for all of her support, I couldn’t do this without you.


Philip J. Ruce creates wills and trusts for families who want to feel secure that their loved ones are cared-for. Philip is a trust and estate attorney based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Philip is the author of Trustee University: The Guidebook to Best Practices for Family Trustees, available at in paperback or Kindle edition (free chapter available here!). He also works with trustees and beneficiaries who need help with their trusts. You can contact him here.