Funds that we own can be forfeited to the State of Minnesota if they remain unclaimed. This money can be in the form of a store credit or store refund that was never collected, overpaid taxes or State fees, and even unclaimed money owned by a person who has passed away.

It’s worth everyone’s time to check if they have any money being held by the State of Minnesota so that they can make the proper claim for the funds they own. Luckily, it’s easy to check this — and it can be done right in the comfort of a person’s home.

Here are the steps to take to check for unclaimed money from the State of Minnesota.

1. Go to

This website allows people to check for any unclaimed money not only in Minnesota, but in any State and city in the United States.

2. Fill out the necessary information.

Once redirected to the Site, look for the tab that says “Start Your Search.” Enter a name or business name, depending on the funds you are looking for and the ownership of those funds. Once the necessary information has been filled out, click “Search.”

This process can also be used to look for missing or unclaimed money owned by loved ones. One just needs to enter their name to retrieve the information.

3. Check to see if there’s money forfeited.

The next step would depend on the location of the searcher. It can either direct them to their State’s website where they will need to fill out additional information or they’ll be brought directly to a page with the information they are looking for.

4. Make a collection.

If one has any funds in their name that is forfeited by the State, they can make a collection through the website. There are withdrawal options provided that are free of charge should they decide to collect the money.

In most instances, people will not know that they have unclaimed or forfeited money being held by the State. It’s worth it to conduct this simple search to check and claim the money that a person rightfully owns.