Welcome to Stone Arch Law

It’s been a ten-year process, and I am so excited to announce the opening of Stone Arch Law Office, PLLC.  This is my first blog post, so I thought I might tell you a little about me and how Stone Arch Law came to be.  I'd also like to take a moment to thank my wonderful wife (her name is Mary, and you’ll probably be hearing a lot about her) for her support as I work to make this dream a reality.In 2003,


My Experience

I was working for TCF Bank in their (now defunct) investments and insurance department.  I started out selling annuities, but I eventually joined the compliance area. I worked with banking clients to make sure they understood their mutual fund, stock, bond, or annuity purchases.  Many — if not most — of my established clients were at a place in their lives where they were considering whether they needed to have a will or a trust.  I had no idea how to answer their questions, and soon found myself making calls around the city to find some local attorneys who could help them. 

Estate Planning

I began to (and, indeed, still do) see estate planning as an extension of a responsible financial plan; it was through this process that I realized I wanted to go to law school, and that I wanted to create estate plans for Minnesota families.  I was going to be a lawyer, and was going to open my own practice. Well, bad news for any aspiring law students out there — law school is a wonderfully intellectual experience, but even a school that emphasizes 'practical wisdom' won’t give you everything you need to start from scratch (and my hat is off to those who make a go of it right out of school). 

Compound this with (another) crashing economy in 2008 and a miraculous job offer from a large national bank in its estate and trust department, and I found myself managing the trust funds of families and their beneficiaries.  I can’t explain how valuable my time as a professional trustee was to my understanding of the law, family dynamics, and every aspect of estate planning, but I’ll be telling some stories in future blog posts, and I think you’ll find the stories to be pretty informative (and entertaining).

It’s been a long time coming, and now that it’s a reality, I can’t wait to work with you.  Please contact me through the website or give me a call . . . you’ll know my story, and I would love to hear yours.

PhilPhilip J. Ruce creates wills and trusts for families who want to feel secure that their loved ones are cared-for. Philip is a trust and estate attorney based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Philip is the author of Trustee University: The Guidebook to Best Practices for Family Trustees. available at Amazon.com in paperback or Kindle edition (free chapter available here!) He also works with trustees and beneficiaries who need help with their trusts. You can contact him here.Keywords: trusts and estates, Minnesota wills, revocable trusts, estate attorney, probate, estate planning, will